What We Learned: Drawing is the new winning!


Manchester United draw 1-1 with West Ham United after conceding in the second minute of the match with Zlatan Ibrahimovic equalising in the 21st minute from a Paul Pogba assist. Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands for the second time in the league this season, something which is apparently showing passion for one manager, but displaying stupidity for another? Manchester United fans, or some of them at least, have become a joke. Last season, many were moaning about Louis van Gaal sitting in the dugout, doing very little in the technical area, now we have Mourinho in the technical area, disagreeing with referees, which is something Sir Alex Ferguson used to do, but Mourinho is apparently doing something which embarrasses the club? How is that? Modern football seems to have many double standards, some of which see supposed supporters throwing their pathetic teddy bears out of the pram when they feel things are not up to standard. United are improving, it will take some time to get an end result. If you don’t like it, go watch something you do like!

Jesse Lingard

I am not convinced by Jesse Lingard. Last season he scored some crucial goals, one of which won the Emirates FA Cup for Manchester United and Louis van Gaal. This season, he seems to have been selected by Jose Mourinho as one of the players that he sees as a decent player for the club, but I just do not think Lingard does enough to warrant a place in the team. Yes, he is a product of the Academy. Many others are too. That does not mean they are good enough to continue playing for the club. Tom Cleverley was a product from the Academy, whilst he was given a good shot during his time at United, he just is not good enough. It happens. Lingard is a bright spark, but I feel if he wants to remain a Manchester United player, he needs to grow up, quit with all this immature social media drivel, start learning how to help his team, as today, by going in for an early challenge, he let his side down by conceding the free-kick that scored West Ham the opening goal of the match. United’s defence was not doing their job for the free-kick, but Lingard caused it, so he needs to learn from it. United have some decent players in the team, ones who I think are better than Lingard, so chances are, he will end up being benched, played as a rotation player. I don’t see him being the first name on the team sheet unless he continues to develop.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

The Armenian midfielder got up to speed in the 4-0 victory over Feyenoord on Thursday evening, coming on against West Ham just after the hour. Henrikh Mkhitaryan is starting to come good, but today, the frustration of the draw will only add to the players determination to kick-start his career at Manchester United. The guy played well, considering the lack of luck United were having and it did not stop him from trying. United will bounce back from this poor run of form, which has seen United draw four times in the league, at home. Draws are not great, but they sure are better than losing, which could quite easily have been the case, even today. Mkhitaryan is a player that will start for United all the more after being settled at the club and being fired up by the manager. Whether he starts against West Ham on Wednesday though remains the question, as I am sure both teams will change their lineups considerably.

Jose Mourinho

Give the man a break. If Manchester United win, just like last season it is apparently down to the players performing, but if Manchester United lose or draw, this is only down to the manager. Really? Yes, the manager picks the team, so if that team wins, surely that is down to him? That is what you would think using reverse thinking, but not, that is not right apparently! Mourinho does pick the team and today I feel he got most of it right. Jesse Lingard is a player I would like to see learn a bit more before starting, as the likes of Anthony Martial and Henrikh Mkhitaryan are both much better than him. Other than that, what else could have ben done, considering United were playing just over two days before? United need to be rotated. Many fans don’t understand that. They expect players to be playing in every match, then when fatigue comes in, as it most likely will throughout December (as there is no international break and for the first time this season, there are matches played each week, in three competitions, for some clubs anyway. Mourinho has come into United and done the business, in the transfer window, seems to have the players happy and has so far, started to turn the club in the right direction.

You cannot expect result to happen instantly. Many say Chelsea are firing, but in all respect, Chelsea were more of a team than United were. The players just stopped playing for Mourinho last season, which after a change of manager, instantly stopped. That does not mean the new manager has fixed anything, as at the end of the day, there was little to be fixed. Chelsea did some good business in the summer, which only added to their team, meaning they were always in a much better position than United. Mourinho has his work cut out to get the club competing again, but many of you only care about results. Most fans don’t watch United play, they just look at the result and moan, knowing nothing about the match, or even how United played. That is not something they care about, winning is the only thing these fans care about, actually I won’t call then fans, than is not what they are. United played well, as they have for the past few weeks. It worked on Thursday night, but the luck just was not there today. It happens. The only thing that needs to happen now is that Manchester United need to react, starting on Wednesday.

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