Manchester United closer to signing Sergio Reguilon but no buyback clause wanted

Manchester United are reportedly nearing a £23 million move for Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon this summer. Spanish news source Marca, also considered as the mouthpiece of the Madrid club has reported that United want to purchase the player without a buyback clause attached to his contract, something which has been mooted in the past week or so. It was also suggested that Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane had also come to terms with the fact a buyback clause was not wanted.

At the weekend, it was suggested that Reguilon would have rather re-signed for Sevilla this summer, however, the Spanish club have seemingly signed Marcos Acuna from Sporting Clube de Portugal, negating the need for the 23-year-old left-back at the club this summer. United have also been linked to FC Porto left-back Alex Telles, who is a more attacking left-back but had scored 13 goals and 11 assists during the 2019/20 season for his club, which is something that could be utilised for United, going forward.

The Madrid club are now said to be seeking to insert a buyback clause which could be activated in a season or two, just in case the player blossoms in the Premier League. This is not something that United would accept unless it was at a higher fee than they had paid for the player and that it would only be available for a short period of time, not something that would be in the favour of the Madrid club. Madrid could ask for a first refusal if the player was ever to be sold, which might work both both clubs?

Reguilon had a good season for Sevilla, ending it with a trophy with the club winning the UEFA Europa League for the sixth time in the clubs history, beating United in the semi-final stage of the competition, whcibwas played out in Germany only last month. In Madrid, both Ferland Mendy and Marcelo will be ahead of him in the pecking order at the club, resulting in very few, if any first team minutes in the game, which would be something that could hamper his development as a player.

United will need to remain firm with Real Madrid regarding the buyback clause, maybe even paying a slightly inflated fee to avoid that being part of the contract. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s hopes of signing the Spanish left-back seemed to be fading at the weekend with Reguilon said to rather a return to Sevilla this summer, but the pending arrival of Acuna from Sporting would scupper that from happening, leaving the player with one other option – signing for United this summer.

Solskjaer is said to want some competition for Luke Shaw and Brandon Williams this summer with Shaw ending the 2019/20 season on the sidelines through injury, which seems to be the story of his United career and Williams still requiring some development before he can be considered a regular fullback for United. The teenager can play at both left-back and right-back, so could rival Aaron Wan-Bissaka in the squad too, also playing in a more advanced position in the team, which he has played alongside Shaw at times over the past season.

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Left-back target prefers Sevilla return than signing for Manchester United – reports

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reportedly been dealt a blow in the chase to sign Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon this summer. For weeks now the Spanish fullback has been linked to United with reports suggesting that the player would like to move to United. But reports from Spanish source AS now suggest the player would rather rejoin Sevilla on loan rather than move to Manchester this summer. There is a problem with that happening though.

It is suggested that Sevilla, the winners of the UEFA Europa League last season, who knocked United out at the semi-final stage on Cologne, Germany, are in talks with Sporting Clube de Portugal about left-back Marcos Acuna, which could result in no need to re-sign the Spanish left-back this summer, leaving the player in limbo at Real Madrid despite the fact that manager Zinedine Zidane has given the go ahead for the player to be sold this summer.

It was suggested that the Spanish club would sell the player for £27 million this summer, inserting a buyback clause in the deal for the same amount which is something that United would not agree to and that prompted the Madrid side to offer to sell the player without a buyback clause, as reported in the past few days. However, with these reports from Spain, it would seem that the player is no longer interested in a move to United, despite the opposite being suggested previously.

United are now linked with other targets such as Alex Telles, 27, who might be more of an attacking left-back considering his 13 goals and 11 assists for FC Porto last season. The player could be available for as little as £18.5 million too, with his £27.7 fee being slashed by his club as he will become a free agent at the end of the 2020/21 season, meaning that the club can receive a fee for the player instead of watching him leave for nothing at the end of June 2021.

It would seem that United’s positive summer has turned into a negative with the club just signing Donny van de Beek from Ajax so far with the club heavily linked to Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, which is starting to look unlikely at this present time. The transfer window will close in just over three week’s time, leaving Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with a lot of work to do and needing to put pressure on executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and the club’s owners, the Glazers.

United are said to be looking to get back into the swing of things this season, putting pressure on Premier League champions Liverpool and seeking to break themselves into the title race by battling them and Manchester City, who both finished above United last season. Liverpool finished 33 points ahead of United with City’s lead just 15 points. United broke into the top four of the Premier League in the last few matches, securing their third placed finish with a 2-0 victory over Leicester City on the final day, earning a UEFA Champions League place.

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Manchester United need to sign Sergio Reguilon, two forwards and a centre-half says Rio Ferdinand

Former Manchester United centra defender Rio Ferdinand has stated that he believes United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be making three or four further additions to his squad this summer. United have been linked to Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon and as well as the addition on fit 23-year-old, should United end up signing him, Ferdinand believes that Solskjaer should be seeking to sign two forwards and a centre half, which would turn his squad into a stronger one, which would be good this season.

Solskjaer has signed Donny van de Beek so far this summer, which will go a long way to strengthening the midfield, especially with Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Scott McTominay, Fred and Nemanja Matic in the squad already. It will be the strongest midfield that United have had post-Sir Alex Ferguson and probably for many of the last ten years of reign of the club. Ferdinand feels that the club needs to put more money into the squad this summer, upping the quality, which was lacking last season. Ferdinand, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, said:

“I would say definitely after Van de Beek they need probably – if they’re going to really compete – three or four. Players that can go in and actually affect the first team, the first XI.

“And Reguilon we’re talking about, the lad at Sevilla who’s from Real Madrid, he was voted the best left-back in La Liga so really good credentials.

“Luke Shaw I think is unfortunate in terms of his injuries. He’s played games but then he hasn’t been able to sustain a full season without any injuries, which is disappointing.

“But listen, if I was looking at it and looking at the team, in the forward areas I think one or two additions.

“One definitely, maybe two, are needed that can come in and affect that first team and push people, if not start.

“And then I think a centre-back. That area, for me, is where there’s a lack of real, genuine pace and I think the best teams around at the moment have a player in one of the two players that play [at centre-back] in a four that has genuine pace normally.

“I think Liverpool are the team that’s dominated this season. The two centre-backs can be sat on the halfway line, they’re sitting there purring, waiting to be taken on in a foot race back to the goal and they back themselves.

“And with that, what that does as well, it’s not just about pace – knowing how to defend as well – but what that allows is more players to be able to go forward and pin the other team back in the opposing team’s third, which is, the way the game is played today, very critical.”

On Monday 14 September 2020, there will be three more weeks left of the summer transfer window and that would suggest that United would not have enough time to get three or four deals done to end the summer with a squad that could challenge the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City to contest the Premier League title. United are fragile defensively, especially in the left-back position with the injuries to Luke Shaw and the fact that Brandon Williams lacks the experience to play in that position, although he has done well to do what he has done over the past season.

It would seem that the chase for Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund this summer is going to run until the final week of the transfer window, probably with nothing happening, which will upset the fair weather supporters who are just seeking out that excuse to properly turn on the manager, which is all these people ever seem to do – they only ever moan about the ownership of the club during a transfer window when the money is not being spent, but buy all the goods and services on offer during the course of the season, which negates moaning about the ownership, in my opinion at least.

United do need to be backed by the owners of the club. If the money is not there for deals, that should be made known to the supporters. However, as Ed Woodward has already suggested that this is the case, he will be happy that the waning was given and that supporters of the club should not have high hopes that the club will challenge for title in the coming season – which is the point of football. That said, the Glazers seem happy to see United qualify for the UEFA Champions League so that the revenue fills their pockets, which might take a hit if supporters will sit out the 2020/21 season, which could well happen.

Written by John Walker

Sergio Reguilon would love to sign for Manchester United; Real Madrid in change of heart?

Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon would love to sign for Manchester United this summer, according to Fabrizio Romano. In a transfer update, the journalist confirmed that Sevilla were close to signing Sporting Clube de Portugal left-back Marcos Acuña, negating to need to try and sign Reguilon again on a season long loan spell. It was previously reported that Reguilon had been offered to United this summer for £27 million with the Madrid club wanting a buyback clause in the deal for the same amount.

This is not something that United should be looking to accept as it does not seem to be a good deal for United, who could lose the player with them seeing a return on their initial investment only, something that would be beneficial for Real Madrid if Reguilon found his feet at the Old Trafford club, resulting in the buyback clause being activated. In a report in The Mirror, it is suggested that Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has had a change of hear on the buyback clause, which probably comes from above.

The report in The Mirror seems to come from El Desmarque which suggests that Zidane and Real Madrid are now happy to sanction the deal to sell the 23-year-old this summer. However, nothing ever seems easy for United as Romano suggests that United do not want to spend £27 million (€30 million) on the player this summer, seemingly seeking a lower fee. It was once suggested that Reguilon would be worth £22 million, which might be a price that United would agree to pay for the player.

One of the reasons given in relation to the Madrid club dropping their buyback clause for Reguilon is because the club is still interested in signing Paul Pogba and they believe that building good relations with United could help them in their cause. Pogba’s contract is due to expire at United next summer, although there is an additional year that can be added to his contract, if the player does not sign a new contract this year – it will likely to added to stop the player from leaving as a free agent.

If might be a tactic that builds relations between United and Real Madrid but whether it results in the club signing Pogba remains to be seen. It will not happen this summer because of the coronavirus pandemic. That said, many seem to think that United have signed a replacement for Pogba in Donny van de Beek, who is the only player to have been signed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this summer, despite United still seeking to sign at least three more players.

If a deal can be done between United and Real Madrid for Reguilon, it will be good for United to have a left-back that is experienced and able to challenge Luke Shaw for the starting position in the team, also help Brandon Williams develop into a player that could rival both Reguilon and Shaw for the role in the years to come, or even challenge Aaron Wan-Bissaka in the right-back role, which is the role Williams has played in more often in the clubs academy, before coming through into the first team last season to cover for an injured Shaw.

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Real Madrid want to insert £27 million buyback clause to sell Sergio Reguilon

Manchester United have reportedly been dealt a blow in their chase to sign Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon this summer. Spanish source El Partidazo de COPE has stated that United are interested in signing the Spanish fullback for £27 million this summer but that the Madrid club want to insert a buyback clause in the contract which would allow the club to bring the player back to the club for the same fee, should they want to. This is not a good deal at all in my opinion.

United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may well be interested in signing a new left-back this summer, to rival both Luke Shaw and Brandon Williams in the position, but if it is a bad deal for United, it should be something that is left. There would be no benefit for United other than having a new left-back at the club as if the player does well, Madrid will buy him back in the next transfer window and United will be left with nothing – not even a return on their initial investment.

It might sound like a great deal for some clubs, as they would see their initial investment on the player returned, minus wages, bonuses agent fees etc but for a club as big as United, the deal would be an embarrassment as Real Madrid would literally be pulling their pants down. If Reguilon had a season in the Premier League and did well, or if Marcello retired or suffered a major injury, the club would just let United know of their intent to re-sign the player, him leaving United whether he wanted to or not.

If you think about it, this would in effect be similar to a loan spell but with no guarantee that the player would return to his former club. United would not have the luxury of building a team around the Spanish left-back, a team for the future, which would always leave the club wondering if their rebuild would soon be picked apart with the Madrid club buying the player back at the same fee that United spent. For United to get a benefit in such a deal, the buyback clause would need to be inflated fo say £40 million.

This would give United something out of the deal which would probably repay the club for the training, development and time put into the player in his time at the club, heading back to Madrid for £13 million more than he signed for, which would be a bargain for both United and Madrid. However, when Madrid sell players, they seem to do it on their terms. This could also be a payback for the failed pursuit of David De Gea in the summer of 2015 in which a fax machine played a major part in the goalkeeper staying put.

United should stick to their guns if they want to sign Reguilon this summer, and should do all they can to let the Madrid club know that a buyback clause will not work for them, maybe even offering the club more money for that option to be negated from a possible deal. If United can then get a deal done, great. If not, move onto another target – which might even be a better option right now. With fewer than four weeks remaining in the summer transfer window, United do not have much time to waste.

Written by John Walker

Sergio Reguilon tempted by Manchester United this summer; €30 million bid placed – reports

Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon is tempted by a transfer to Manchester United this summer according to reports from AS in Spain. The 23-year-old is said to be valued at £27 million, approximately €30 million this summer and spent the last season on loan at Sevilla, where the player helped the club win their sixth UEFA Europa League title, knocking United out at the semi-final stage before beating Inter Milan in the final. The Spanish fullback will be allowed to leave the Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane does not feel the 23-year-old is ready to start for the club with both Ferland Mendy and Marcelo ahead of him in the pecking order at the club. His performances for Sevilla might say something very different, hence the interest from United with the left-back position being a problem area at the club with Luke Shaw’s injury record and the fact that Brandon Williams, fresh from his first season in the first team, largely inexperienced despite doing well last season.

It has been reported that the Madrid club might allow the left-back to leave if a bid of £22 million is received for his services but AS have valued him at around £27 million. Chelsea held interest in the Spaniard this summer but decided to swoop for former Leicester City left-back Ben Chilwell, a player that United had been linked with too, costing the London club around £50 million. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer switched his attention to Reguilon, presumably after seeing him in the flesh last month.

There is no doubt about the fact that Reguilon would challenge for a place in the United first team, putting pressure on both Shaw and Williams, which in turn could raise their game and make it all worthwhile for United. It will be a long hard season for United and having three players to pick for the fullback positions would show strength in the club with Williams able to play on both flanks and Tim Fosu-Mensah also vying for the right-back position with Aaron Wan-Bissaka being the regular starter in that position.

United might not have a free reign on the left-back this summer with both Inter Milan and Juventus said to be interested in him. Spanish journalist Lucas Navarrete has suggested that Real Madrid could try to include a buyback clause on the player, which is probably something that United would not be interested in adding as they could develop the player only for Real Madrid to buy him back at the drop of a hat, which is something that United would not be happy with.

This might be a ploy to get more money for the player this summer. United should aim to do business without buyback clauses being inserted into contracts as for a big club, it would be something that would make them look like a small club. If Real Madrid ever wanted Reguilon back, if he did leave for United, they should be made to agree a fee with United like they would any other player. Would the club have inserted a buyback clause for Cristiano Ronaldo when he signed for them in 2009?

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Manchester United eyeing move for Real Madrid’s Sergio Reguilon – reports

Manchester United are reportedly plotting a swoop for Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon, 23, who spent the 2019/20 season on loan at Sevilla, the winners of the UEFA Europa League this season. United will have watched Reguilon during the semi-final clash in the Europa League in which the Spanish side beat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side 2-1 to reach the final, in which they beat Inter Milan to lift the trophy for the sixth time, which is an achievement, keeping their 100% record in the competition since first lifting the title in the 2005/06 season.

Spanish news source, also considered the mouthpiece of Real Madrid, Marca, have reported that the club could be seeking €20-€25 million for Reguilon this summer, which is a pretty decent fee for the player, especially to bolster United’s squad in the left-back position despite having both Luke Shaw and Brandon Williams. Chelsea were said to be interested in the Spanish defender but opted to sign Ben Chilwell from Leicester City for a fee in the region of £50 million instead.

Solskjaer should be seeking to add competition for places in many positions in the squad. Williams, 19, can play in the right-back position, so could challenge both Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Shaw for places and if Reguilon was signed by the club this summer, he could put some pressure on Shaw. The former England left-back’s injury record is not the best and at the end of the 2019/20 season, he was injured again, suffering an ankle injury against his former club, missing United’s final few matches and their participation in the Europa League.

During the 2019/20 season, Reguilon, 23, made a total of 38 appearances for Sevilla, scoring three goals and five assists, which from a left-back would be welcome at United. Reguilon’s contract at Real Madrid will expire in the summer of 2023, so the fee Marca suggest would be a good amount to spend on the talented left-back this summer. Williams is not a player to be written off and is seen as a player that will grow in the future and possible make this position his own. Learning from Reguilon would be great for him to hone his skills for the future, playing regularly on rotation.

If Shaw did not respond well to Reguilon arriving at the club, presuming that this rumour has substance, as many do not, it could mean that the former England’s left-back’s future at the club could be bleak, especially if the Spanish left-back and Williams do well to up the competition for places. Shaw has had a largely positive 2019/20 season, despite ending with an injury, seemingly moving forward in a career at the club that has been blighted with injury in nearly all of the seasons he has played for the club.

United could well face competition with Juventus and Inter Milan seemingly interested in Reguilon, which could see this report as bait for the Italian clubs to make offers to Real Madrid on the basis that United are supposedly interested. This is the way transfers seem to work in modern football. Clubs interested in players, however, not making an offer. Leak a report that United are interested and like the click of your fingers, a bid has been received and you end up selling the player. This seems to happen a lot of the time with United and seemingly happened with Gabrial Magalhaes’ move to Arsenal.

Written by John Walker

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