Jadon Sancho last-gasp bid to be made with £90 million offer for England winger – reports

Manchester United are reported ready to make an offer for Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho this summer. United were given a deadline of the 10 August to sign the winger and were told to pay £108 million for the player this summer. The deadline soon expired with United not making a move for the player, however, there was reported to suggest that United has agreed on personal terms with the player’s agent regarding a five-year contract and the agents fees involved in the transfer.

The Mirror has reported that United are set to bid £90 million for the England winger this summer with the report suggesting the Old Trafford club is confident of signing Sancho this summer, with just over a week remaining before the summer transfer window closes. This is a saga that has dragged on all summer with ITKs on Twitter saying it has been a done deal for months, which makes them look quite inept when nothing ever seems to transpire. However, if this happens, they will claim they still know it all when it was probably more of a guessing game than knowledge.

The £90 million offer, which is £28 million short of the fee demanded by Dortmund, will consist of £75 million up front for the winger and £15 million in add-ons to be paid at a later date. This is the best offer the German club are going to get for the player this summer and with Sancho reportedly interested in the move to United, despite him unwilling to rock the boat at his club and hand in a transfer request, United will need hope on their side if they are to land the player they have been chasing for a while now. Sancho has been Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s number on target.

The German club has said ever since the 10 August deadline that the player will remain in Germany for the 2020/21 season but they seem to have entertained the rumour to continue by talking about the player regularly which makes it look like they are trying to attract United to place a firm offer for the player. In the post-coronavirus financial market, all clubs around the world are taking a hit and that may not rectify itself quickly, so the transfer market will have suffered a collapse with teams demanding fees that won’t be paid as clubs don’t have the luxury of unlimited funds.

It would seem that Sancho could be a player that Borussia Dortmund would sell this summer but United would need to hit the German clubs target, which is £108 million or nothing at all. If Sancho tells the club that he does want to leave, which is something that I do not believe he would do, Dortmund might be forced to lower their demands or end up keeping a player that does not want to remain at the club. This saga has become so uninteresting that the only thing to bring it back from cardiac arrest would be a firm offer being placed by United and accepted by the German club.

That would spark a flurry of interest and end with United signing the player that Solskjaer has wanted all summer. That is the unlikely scenario at this time as the German club would look weak in accepting £75 million upfront for Sancho and £15 million in add-ons, which is not a look they would want this summer, but they could put it down to the coronavirus pandemic and the temporary fall in the financial markets. They could even see their share prices rise because of the deal, with might bring more riches to the club. Who knows what could or would happen. United need to get their business in order and find a way of doing business that is not inept and does not include inept businessmen passing themselves off as football guys.

Written by John Walker

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