Manchester United to give up on Jadon Sancho until next summer – but will they?

Manchester United are reportedly ready to pull the plug on their pursuit of Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho this summer, aiming to launch a bid for the player in a year’s time instead, according to reports by The Sun. United would need to pay £108 million up front to sign Sancho this summer with the German club not willing to accept payments in instalments, which has been reported many times already this summer and given that the 10 August deadline elapsed a fortnight ago, the club has no reason to sell now.

The report has stated that United intend to call time on their chase of the England winger, possibly returning next summer, which could be difficult seeing as other clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona etc might actually make a move for the winger. It is suggested that the player’s representatives want to secure a contract worth £300,000 per week for Sancho which is something United do not want to just into based on the fact that the transfer of Alexis Sanchez was such a bad move for United.

This seems to be just another lame excuse dreamt up by the media as Sancho will ask for a large weekly wage moving to a bigger club, especially one of the richest clubs in the world. What would make United think that the player would ask for less money in a year’s time? When you want to attract the best players in the world but not pay them what they want, where do you expect the club to end up? Certainly not with players who are considered the best at what they do, being underpaid at United.

Every summer, there seems to be a lot of speculation, much of which could well be dreamt up by football writers in the bid to generate clicks to websites in order to make money, which is not really something that many will be a fan of. Surely, journalism should be better than that, searching through all the lies to find the truth, reporting on facts, not fallacy. But modern football has brought lots of money, which has left the media seeming to make money too, which is why there seems to be so many different stories, some of which contradict even the same sports writers.

The Mail has also claimed that United will let the Sancho deal lie this summer, attempting to sign the player next summer. Instead, it is suggested that the club is willing to spend £27 million on Juventus winger Douglas Costa, which was stated to be just £18 million a few days ago. Thinking about that one, why would a club that understands that Dortmund will be wanting more than £100 million for Sancho, whether it is this summer or next, waste money on a short-term option who would want big wages himself and might not be so easy to shift next summer?

Sancho recently admitted to SportBible, as reported by The Sun, that the transfer speculation can be hard to ignore and the player wants to get his head down and focus on his Dortmund career, which is what he would say, being a Dortmund player, right?

“It would be easy to get carried away. It can affect players. For me it’s about not looking at those things and just focusing on trying to do the best I can on the pitch… especially in training.

“For me it’s about improving every single day. “It’s important for me to keep a smile on my face and keep happy. I don’t really look at all the noise and all that stuff. I’d rather keep my head down, keep focus and improve every day.”

Written by John Walker

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