Manchester United to ignore 10 August deadline to try and get Jadon Sancho much cheaper – reports

Manchester United are reportedly not going to be held to ransom by Borussia Dortmund in their pursuit for Jadon Sancho this summer. It is suggested that the Bundesliga club will be seeking to receive £108 million for the England winger this summer, giving United deadline to sign the player before the 10 August, which is when the club commences their pre-season training camp. However, the Manchester Evening News, via The Sun has reported that United will defy the deadline in order to get the winger for a lower fee.

The logic behind this report does not match anything I have ever seen before. The sheer contempt of this would make most clubs willing to sell a player for a set fee decide not to do business with the Old Trafford club again. How is defying a deadline going to equate to you being able to get the player for a lower transfer fee? Dortmund have stated that they will not sell the player after the 10 August 2020 as they will be getting ready for the 2020/21 season, therefore unwilling to sell the player.

It would seem that this report has either been generated from some spam farm, aiming to keep the reports on this prospective deal running throughout the summer on what could have been a slow news day, or there has been a leak from the club that seems to still be run in the Glazernomics strategy, which seems to be knowing nothing about anything and assuming that a club will be begging to do business with United at a later date, selling their prized asset for a lot less than they originally wanted. Sadly Carlsberg to not do summer transfer windows.

The summer transfer window has been open for a week now and there are eight more days remaining until the deadline set by Borussia Dortmund. You can see why the club has set this deadline, aiming to keep any departures limited to a set period, giving the club time to find a replacement, get a deal done for them and implement them into the first team ready for the new Bundesliga season. However, if this is true, United have other plans and will probably remain disappointed.

Whilst it may seem defiant to suggest that you are not going to be controlled by another club, therefore not adhering to their demands, it would serve United right if they continue being linked to Sancho throughout the summer, contacting the Bundesliga club before the transfer window closes in October only for them to be quoted a bigger fee for Sancho or to be told that the player is not for sale anymore. United should be seeking to adhere to the German clubs demands.

It would seem clear that United are still no further in moving forward, if these reports are true, which seem doubtful. I would suggest it is more of a no news days so the writer of this ‘masterpiece’ needed to get something published to keep the hits coming into the website. It would seem that people with little knowledge are now getting paid to write things that a three-year-old would be proud of. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. It seems clear that some journalists don’t have much of a clue anymore but a willingness to keep the money rolling in for their employers. Great stuff.

Written by John Walker

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