Alexis Sanchez close to Manchester United exit with free transfer; United saving millions

Alexis Sanchez has been at Inter Milan for the entire 2019/20 season on loan and despite having a long injury lay off, he has come back into the team and shown enough to suggest that the Inter manager, Antonio Conte wants to keep him as part of his playing staff, making his loan spell permanent. It might have looked a costly bit of business for United after signing the player on a massive wage structure in January 2018 exchanging the player with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who headed to Arsenal.

Sanchez made 45 appearances for United during the remainder of the 2017/18 and the 2018/19 season, scoring five goals and nine assists, playing 2,781 minutes of football. For such a world-class player at the time of his arrival, which was debatable at the time, more should have been expected. For this reason, Sanchez never made it at the club and failed under two managers; Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Chilean international did not do enough for the wage he was receiving.

In my personal view, I don’t think he is doing enough at Inter either but that will be a problem for them to deal with. It would seem that the piano-playing winger has played his last match for United which is a good thing for United as they look to be fully entering a new era of the club guided by Solskjaer, who seems to have more about him that any other manager post-Sir Alex Ferguson. Some will agree with that, others will disagree but the proof is in the pudding, or so they say.

At Inter this season, the Chilean, 31, made a total of 29 appearances, scoring four goals and nine assists as the Italian club finished as runners-up to Juventus, a point in it. Conte might be happy with that sort of input from some of his players but for United, especially when they could be paying the player £505,000 a week, which is the player’s full wage including bonuses, he would need to be the best player in the team. Sanchez’s arrival caused some problems at United with wages.

That was clear to see from the start and it was something that caused a rift at the club and to be perfectly honest, they have done well to get out of this not being massively out of pocket. Sanchez could have just sat there at the club for two more years earning massive amounts of money doing absolutely nothing. To sidestep that shows some ability to get business done, which is a good sign for the club. I won’t miss Sanchez to be perfectly honest but I will wish him the best for the future.

Whilst United will not get a transfer fee for the player, as reported by The Mirror, his wages will be offloaded, as soon as the move has been confirmed, which will be a big relief and a starting point to rebuild the club in a much better way. The fact that the club seem to be moving forwards in the pursuit of Jadon Sancho is a good thing and his arrival, effectively replacing Sanchez would be a massive step forwards for the club. United will have a lot to do this summer to assemble a side ready to take on the might of Liverpool and Manchester City, however, Rome was not built in a day.

Written by John Walker

Inter Milan want to sign Alexis Sanchez permanently – good news for Manchester United?

Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez could be sold to Inter Milan this summer if reports are correct. The Daily Mail have reported that the Italian club want the player permanently but his ‘eye-watering’ wages will be the major stumbling block in a prospective deal. A few days ago, it was reported that United have told Inter to agree terms with Sanchez, which is likely to reduce his wages. Then United would hold talks with the club to agree on a transfer fee for the player who has two more years remaining on his contract at the Old Trafford club.

Inter Milan chief Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed that he wants to sign the player permanently, which is good news for United. It is clear that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not see the player as fitting into his plans at the club as he allowed him to leave last summer, signing for Inter for the 2019/20 season on loan, joining Romelu Lukaku who was sold to the club last summer and was then joined by Ashley Young, who was sold during the January transfer window.

The 31-year-old is due back in Manchester by the 7 August 2020 after his loan spell at the club ends. United extended the players spell at the club to cover the remainder of the Serie A season plus the UEFA Europa League round of 16 match that was postponed in March. The player, at this moment in time, will not play in the latter stages of the competition if Inter go through. The player earns £300,000 a week in basic wages at United plus £100,000 in image rights which, with bonuses, could see his weekly wage rise over £500,000 per week, which is obscene considering what he has offered to the club.

Inter have been paying £150,000 towards the players wages. As they want to sign the player, his wage demands will need to be reduced and United would need to lower their demands of a reported £18 million fee for the player. If United can get £14 million it would be a good deal considering the player’s age and the fact that he has done so badly at the club. Getting him off the clubs books this summer would be a good piece of business, also seeing United’s wage bill reduced, which would also be good news.

Another report, carried by The Metro suggests that Inter have offered United Ivan Perisic as a straight swap for Sanchez this summer, which is not something that I would personally be tempted by if I was the decision maker. United were, of course, interested in signing the Croatian winger a few years ago under the management of Jose Mourinho but there is nothing to suggest that the player, 31 would be on Solskjaer’s radar this summer. I would doubt it considering the player being linked to the club.

The Sun has also reported that Inter are close to securing Sanchez on loan next season, which seems to contradict the reported from other outlets suggesting that Inter want to sign the Chilean winger permanently. Things can change in football but I think if United can get the player off their books this summer, they will push for that. If Sanchez wants to continue his playing career, it would be crucial to leave United, instead of being loaned out each season until he is a free agent. United should do what it takes to get a deal done this summer, Getting rid of as many players not needed at the club is necessary for the rebuild to work.

Written by John Walker

Alexis Sanchez must reach agreement with Inter Milan before Manchester United talks

Inter Milan will hold talks with Manchester United winger Alexis Sanchez in the hope of agreeing a new wage structure with the Italian club before sealing a permanent switch away from the Theatre of Dreams. The Chilean is reported to be on around £500,000 per week at United ever since he signed from Arsenal, in a swap deal which also involved Henrikh Mkhitaryan, back in January 2018. The Sun reported that Inter are paying £4.5 million of the players £18.6 million yearly wage, which is absurd.

Sanchez has scored four goals and eight assists for Inter this season, which is not the greatest but if they are happy with what he brings to the team and want to keep him permanently, then who am I to argue? The main thing is that he has not worked at United and to get rid of his wage will be one of the best things that the club could do this summer. Sanchez would need to lower his wage demands to get an exit from United, which might involve United giving him a pay out, or an ultimatum that if he stayed, he probably will not play for the club again.

Inter would be willing to pay the Chilean forward £200,000 per week, which has been reported by The Sun recently. That would be a good wage for the player and could possibly take some pressure off him. I mean, money is not the only thing that makes people happy, is it? Surely being happy at the club and feeling valued by that club is a lot better than earning a lot of cash each week when not being happy or feeling valued, right? I guess that could be different for everyone. I would rather be happy and feel valued at the end of the day.

If Sanchez reaches an agreement with Inter, then United will open talks to agree a possible fee for the player this summer. United will be keen to offload the player, who arrived under the reign of Jose Mourinho and does not feature in the plans of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, getting the player’s wages off the books with two years remaining on his contract with the Old Trafford club. It has also been reported that United will not let the player spend another season out on loan, preferring to find a permanent solution for the player away from Old Trafford.

United have allowed the Chilean forward to remain at Inter until their UEFA Europa League round of 16 second leg match against Getafe on the 5 August 2020, after that, the player will need to return to United. He will not be eligible to play the remainder of the competition for either club, even if Inter decide to purchase the player. Inter manager Antonio Conte seems keen to keep the player at the club, which is a good sign, hopefully the club will agree a wage structure with the player and make things permanent. Conte, was reported by The Sun as saying:

“We knew very well that Sanchez had not been very good for two years at Manchester United, he was a little lost.

“He came here and got himself involved, he had bad luck as he injured his ankle but luckily there was Lautaro [Martinez] and [Romelu] Lukaku.

“He is now well, he is taking more and more control and I am starting to see the real Sanchez.

“He must continue like this, then we will see what the future holds. Today we must focus on the present and do our best.”

Written by John Walker

Manchester United could be stuck with Alexis Sanchez with player refusing to lower wage demands; it will cost them £50 million

Manchester United could end up being stuck with Alexis Sanchez at the club next season, possibly until the expiry of his contract, which will end in the summer of 2022, according to reports. It is suggested that the Chilean winger is refusing to take a pay cut. Sanchez has spent the season on loan with Inter Milan and due back at United from the 7 August 2020.

The 31-year-old has made a total of 23 appearances for the Italian club this season, scoring two goals and eight assists but also suffering from a tendon injury which kept him out for 14 matches from 13 October 2019 until 5 January 2020. It could well be that a season will not go by without Sanchez suffering some kind of injury.

The Daily Mail suggest that Sanchez is unwilling to lower his weekly wage which will be a major stumbling block if United find a club to move him onto this summer, meaning the club could be liable to pay his final two years up front, costing £50 million or more, which is not something United would be willing to do.

It is suggested that the 31-year-old would rather stay in Europe and therefore is not interested in playing in China or the Middle East, which are places he would earn high wages. However, if they looked at what the player brings to the pitch, they might think otherwise as the Chilean winger offers little to excite a club with high expectations.

United will learn a massive lesson from signing Sanchez with executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward feeling that Sanchez was the missing piece of the jigsaw at the time he was signed, in January 2018, but his appointment at the club has been nothing short of an embarrassment. However, Henrikh Mkhitaryan moving in the other direction, to Arsenal, was not a glowing success either.

Inter Milan have been paying half of Sanchez’s £300,000 weekly wage which could rise to £505,000 per week with bonuses. Manager, Antonio Conte would like to keep the Chilean at the club moving forward but Inter are said to be reluctant to pay the player’s £18 million fee this summer. United should look into what Inter would pay for him and cut their losses.

Manchester United in talks to sell Alexis Sanchez to Inter Milan for £18 million – reports

Inter Milan are reportedly interested in making Alexis Sanchez’s loan spell at the club permanent, offering to pay £18 million to Manchester United for the Chilean forward. If this is true, it could be good for United to offload the player from the squad, also getting rid of his staggering wages, which were a mistake to agree back in January 2018.

Goal have suggested that Inter manager Antonio Conte has been impressed with the former Arsenal forward this season, despite him being sidelined with an injury for a large proportion of the season. United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems interested in offloading the player this summer, so this could work for both clubs.

Recently, it was confirmed that Sanchez would remain at the San Siro until the first week in August, play8ing the remainder of the Serie A season and the remaining match in the round of 16 stage in the UEFA Europa League. However, the player, like Chris Smalling, will not be staying at the club any longer this season.

The Chilean offered little to United in 18 months at the club before being loaned out and seemed to struggle with injury and form on more than one occasion. Jose Moutinho did not utilise the player much and Solskjaer seemed to use him less than hie predecessor, which suggests that the Norwegian did not want the player at the club.

It has been suggested that there was a gentlemen’s agreement between United and Inter that the Italian club would purchase the player at the end of his loan spell for a fee in the region of £23 million. If this is true, United should ensure it happens. Of course, the player would need to agree to tear up his contract at the club.

If United do sell the player, he would be eligible to receive wages up until the end of his contract at the club, meaning that the fee United eventually received for the player might have to be used to supplement his wages. This is something that the clubs executive vice-chairman caused by agreeing to such a high wage for the player, which is obscene based on what he failed to achieve at the club.

Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez conundrum; club won’t pay him off, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won’t play him – reports

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been told to find room for Alexis Sanchez in his squad next season, which is unfortunate but shows that the player will form an indelible mark on Ed Woodward’s career at the Old Trafford club. In January 2018, when the club swapped the player for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, it seems like a good decision.

18 months later, it was clear that the move was a failure with the player offering little to the club, despite many wanting him to succeed. The player has two-years remaining on his contract at the club, meaning United are liable for his huge weekly wage which is a deterrent for clubs seeking to loan or buy him in the summer. Solskjaer once had this to say about Sanchez:

“Sometimes when you decorate your living room it might be a nice chair or nice sofa but it maybe doesn’t go with the rest of it.

“Of course there’s a place for good players and good people in this environment.

“Let’s see where we get to after the season, because we do feel this squad is exciting. We do feel we’re on the way to something.

“It’s up to all the players when they’re here to do well, because there’s always talk of people coming in and out, and it’s about gelling this group together.”

Sanchez was loaned to Inter Milan for the entirety of the 2019/20 season, which was hit with injury, like his time way at United and Arsenal before that (the latter part of his time there, obviously). Sanchez has made just 16 appearances, scoring one goal and three assists. It would seem that unless United can find a loan deal for him, he might still remain.

Sanchez has done some good things at United but there are very few of them to mention, This is the problem. He has experience but just does not fit into the team and I don’t believe that he ever has. It is just another one of those mistakes that Woodward has made and hopefully he could be the last with some major lessons learned for the executive vice-chairman.

It is expected that United would have to pay the player £24 million in order to release him from his contract at the club, which is money that could be spent better at this moment in time, like using it to help fund a move for a right-winger, which would give United a better attacking sense, fixing a problem that has been at the club for years.

So, with that option off the table, Sanchez will either be the frustrated figure at the club who is seldom picked to play first team matches, or the club seeks to find a deal whereby they can loan him for another year, with a proportion of his wages being paid by the loan club, saving United a little money but a lot of frustration. It is a shame it worked out like this.

Inter Milan confirm plan with Alexis Sanchez – let’s hope it works and he leaves the club permanently

Inter Milan sporting director Piero Ausilio has outlined the Italian clubs plan for Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez who is currently on loan with the club from Manchester United. Almost two and a half year ago, Sanchez signed for United, from Arsenal, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan heading in the other direction. Both players have failed to impress.

It was hoped that a move to the San Siro club would help Sanchez revive his career but a mix of poor form, fitness and injury has stopped him from succeeding in Italy. During the 2019/20 season, Sanchez has made just 15 appearances for the club, scoring one goal and assisting three more. He has now recovered from a serious ankle injury.

Inter have had a strong season under former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, sitting third in Serie A, nine points adrift of leaders Juventus. It is expected that the league will resume from Saturday 20 June 2020, becoming the fourth top league in Europe to resume after the Bunndesliga, La Liga and the Premier League.

It was expected that Sanchez will remain at Inter for the remainder of the season, as there seems to be nothing for him at United. It is, however, expected that the Chilean will return to the club in the summer, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer possibly not having a role for him. Ausilio, speaking to Sky Sports Italia about the Chilean and his role at Inter, said:

“He’ll stay with us until the end of the season, then we’ll decide about his future with Manchester United. He’ll have the opportunity to show his skills.”

If it all works out for him in Italy, perhaps he could become a permanent player for the club. Inter are currently subject to a lot of speculation with striker Lautaro Martinez, who is wanted by Barcelona but the club will not let him leave unless his £99.7 million release clause is met. If Sanchez performs with the club and shows his worth, United might get rid of him.

Manchester United to offer Alexis Sanchez to Borussia Dortmund in Jadon Sancho deal – reports

Manchester United are apparently going to offer Borussia Dortmund Alexis Sanchez in their move for Jadon Sancho this summer, according to reports. United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been chasing 20-year-old Sancho since last summer, with the club seeking to land the player this summer, if they can, dependant on the transfer fee.

It was reported on Wednesday that United had taken out a £140 million cash injection into the club, presumably to help find what would be considered as an important summer for the Old Trafford club. United need to strengthen their forward line, also finding a player to play in the right-wing role, a position Sancho can play.

Sanchez, 31, has been on loan at Inter Milan this season and it is unlikely that the club will want to make that move permanent, meaning United would see a player, who has not future at the club, return. Obviously, his wage is a problem and his lack of anything is a bigger problem. He could reinvent himself in Germany, or anywhere else.

Dortmund, who have not started the England winger since the Bundesliga returned the weekend before last, would seek £100 million for the 20-year-old this summer, a fee that United might struggle to pay, considering the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting financial fallout from it. However, if United offered a player as part of the deal, it might work.

Dortmund may not want Sanchez, who is not getting any younger and his poor form and injury history might be something of a disadvantage, so would be a downgrade from Sancho, who is going to be a top player when he reaches his peak and United want that to be whilst he’s playing for the Old Trafford club, if they get their man.

Sanchez would need to take a massive pay cut as what he offers on the pitch is not worth £505,000 a week, which is his reported wage. It would seem that United’s executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, has learned a lesson from the Chilean’s move from Arsenal just over two years ago. It is a major fail, even with the comedic piano performance.

Alexis Sanchez wanted by AS Roma and Universidad de Chile with Manchester United counting the days to get rid of him

Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez is clearly not a wanted man by those at the Old Trafford club. In all honesty, after 18 months at the club and little to show for the reported wages he receives, you would be hard pressed not to find a reason why he would be wanted at the club. He’s a flop and does not deserve another chance at the club.

These are my thoughts, I am not the only one that thinks this way as there are some that see something good in the Chilean and feel that he should be given a chance to show what he can do. Perhaps those people have not seen this already – next to nothing. Inter Milan seem to be unhappy to keep him longer than the current season – a reason to move on?

There are different reports in the media regarding the future of Sanchez – both see him moving away from Manchester with him either staying in Italy or heading back home to Chile. Either would be fine by me. Him wearing the famous number seven shirt at United, once donned by George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo is an insult to all of those players and the club.

One report suggests that Sanchez, 31 could remain in Italy with AS Roma reportedly interested in signing the player. There were apparently interested in signing him before Inter managed to get him on a season-long loan spell. Now could be their chance to get their man in hope that his form will change and he will bring something to the team.

During the 2019/20 season with Inter, Sanchez managed just 15 appearances in all competitions, scoring one goal and assisting three more in a season that was not only marred by injury but also by the coronavirus pandemic which has stopped football all around the world. Sanchez missed 14 games with a tendon injury.

Roma, at least reportedly, feel that they have a good relationship with United with defender Chris Smalling spending the season on loan from the club and it could give them the connection to broach another spell for Sanchez, which is something United would probably want to make permanent, either straight away or after a period of loan.

Another reports suggests that Sanchez is seeking to return to his native Chile to end his career, which for me would be great news also. I don’t believe the player deserves to play for a club like United – he’s offered little since signing for the club in January 2018. Universidad de Chile seem to be interested, confirmed by their president, Jose Luis Navarrete:

“I spoke with Alexis Sanchez and he is a fan of Universidad de Chile.

“He wants to retire by playing for the club. I would like to have Marcelo Díaz, Isla, Edu Vargas, Alexis Sanchez, all of them, but you have to be realistic.

“The economic scenario is not brilliant, it will depend on how much they are willing to give up to come to Universidad de Chile.”

Sanchez would need to take a massive pay cut in order for the deal to be facilitated but it would be good news for United, who would then be able to move on from the disaster that was signing the player. Everyone wanted it to work at the start, especially after Manchester City held an interest in the player and never got him. They did well from it though.

There won’t be any tears from me when Sanchez has left the club. There has never been a real attachment with the player since he left Arsenal more than two years ago. Personally, it may have been different if the player signed for United instead of Barcelona all them years ago but not now. He looks like a player well past his time for me.

Alexis Sanchez set to become a big problem at Manchester United? Sell him, give him a chance or loan him?

When Manchester United signed Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal during the January transfer window in 2018, seeing Henrikh Mkhitaryan travel in the other direction, it should have been something that worked well for the club, but it didn’t. It has never really worked. Sanchez has been earning a massive wage, doing a lot less for that money than expected.

During the summer and into 2020, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer started to apply his brand of football to the club, seeing the back of Romelu Lukaku, Matteo Darmian, Ashley Young, all on permanent moves and Marcos Rojo, Chris Smalling and Sanchez all leaving on loan. It is expected that there might be a few more departures when the transfer window opens.

Whilst playing for United, Sanchez has not done enough to even warrant being selected as part of the squad for the season, let alone wearing a shirt number as prestigious as the one he was given on arrival, the famous number seven, playing 45 times in around one and a half seasons, scoring just five goals and assisting a further nine.

This season at Inter, Sanchez has played 15 times, scoring one goal, assisting a further three. It seems clear that this player on a galactic wage is not performing to the standards that he should be performing. Granted, he has missed 14 matches through injury, which could have seen him play more of a part for the Italian club.

Sanchez is contracted at United for a further two more years and reports suggest that the player is reluctant to accept a pay cut to get a move elsewhere, so unless something big happens, it is likely that Sanchez will be back at United next season, which is something that many will not want to see. Some suggest that he should be given a second chance.

Personally, I do not think he has done enough to warrant a second chance at United. He has never really bust a gut to perform and his loan spell to Inter, which was to serve as something to revive his ailing career, has not worked out as many thought. West Ham United could be interested, taking advantage of the current pandemic to get a good deal for Sanchez.

Right now, looking at the team Solskjaer seems to be building, I don’t see many chances for Sanchez moving forward. He’s had a good career but is clearly coming to the end of that now, which along with all his injuries, is pretty telling. Whilst at United, he missed 20 matches due to injury. I wish it could all be different but United’s identity has changed now.

With the way things have gone for Sanchez at United and the fact that Solskjaer clearly does not seem to want the player at the club as part of his new squad, there might not be a second chance for him to resurrect his career at the club. Personally, I feel he has not done enough to warrant a place in the squad and that the club should look to get rid.

Perhaps, if they cannot move him on a permanent deal to pastures new, like West Ham, who seem interested, United should be looking to loan him out, perhaps with a deal that the club he is loaned to compulsory purchase him either in the following winter transfer window or the following summer, if the transfer windows are not changed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Do you think Alexis Sanchez deserves another chance to shine at Manchester United?

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