Manchester United told to sign Jack Grealish and Gareth Bale instead of Jadon Sancho

Manchester United have been advised to forget about signing Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund this summer and instead sign Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale instead. Former Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood feels that United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward should be pulling the plug in the deal to sign Sancho, which has raged on all summer with lots of speculation and little action, instead signing Grealish and Bale.

It was suggested earlier this week that United reached a breakthrough in the deal for Sancho which meant that the club had agreed personal terms with the 20-year-old and also the agent fees that would be involved in the prospective deal. However, United and Borussia Dortmund have not yet agreed on a fee with the German club suggesting that the England winger will remain at the club for the 2020/21 season. United would have to pay €120 million (£108 million) for the player in one lump sum.

It is suggested that Woodward is not willing to spend more than £80 million and seems to be frustrated with the lack or progress, which would be down to his stubbornness and the fact that the Glazers are not willing to spend that kind of fee to land Sancho, which has been the story of the club especially since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Sherwood speaking on Sky Sports, reported by The Express, talking about the Sancho situation and giving his own opinion, stated:

“I don’t think they need Jadon Sancho, I really don’t. If they have the money to go out and spend it on Jadon Sancho then you bring him in, you want as many good players as possible at the football club.

“But he is similar to what they have got. They’ve got Greenwood, Martial, Rashford and James – who played so much more than we expected him too in the early part of the season especially.

“All of them players we mentioned are like Sancho, they have pace and are a threat when teams play a high line against them.

“When teams drop deep against them that’s when they struggle. When Bruno Fernandes came in he could find the key to the door.”

United have been linked with Villa captain Grealish for the best part of the 2019/20 season during a period where the club had very little creativity. In January, United signed Bruno Fernandes and this summer signed Donny van de Beek to overcome that problem which is something Fernandes himself helped to solve. It is suggested that Grealish would cost £80 million this summer with Villa not wanting to sell, which will be a sticking point in any deal with Woodward pulling the strings. Sherwood stated:

“I would go for Jack Grealish. I think Jack can open the door and he is another [Bruno] Fernandes. He gives them a different quality which I think they need.

“I would also go and get Gareth Bale on a free transfer. Bale needs to come back to the Premier League and start playing football. I think he has got a lot to offer.

“If he goes to a huge club like Manchester United he will flourish for a couple of season.”

Sherwood also stated that United should opt for Bale on a free transfer, but he’s not going to be available as a free agent this summer as he still has two years remaining on his current contract, unless the Madrid club terminate his contract, which will probably cost them a lot of money. There has been a rumour of the Welshman being available for just £22 million also with a rumour coming from The Telegraph suggesting that the Madrid club would pay half of Bale’s wages which is a staggering £600,000 per week.

Last season, Grealish made a total of 41 appearances for Villa, scoring 10 goals and eight assists, playing in the Premier League and the Carabao Cup, a competition that the club reached the final of, only to be beaten by Manchester City. Bale did not feature much for Real Madrid last season, making a total of 20 appearances, scoring three goals and two assists. He did suffer four different injuries, missing a total of 13 matches and is carrying a knee injury at this moment in time. I agree with Grealish but Bale would be another Alexis Sanchez sized mistake for United.

Written by John Walker

Five wingers Manchester United could sign instead of Jadon Sancho this summer

Manchester United have been linked with Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho for well over a year now and that does not seem to be something that will end, even despite the Old Trafford club not adhering to the German clubs imposed deadline of the 10 August to sign the 20-year-old. It is still suggested that United want to sign the player this summer, but reports in the media are not making things easy at all. The club seem to be adamant that Sancho will remain at the club for the 2020/21 season.

Of course, that might be a ploy to get what the club wants, which is a minimum of £108 million for the player to leave the Bundesliga club this summer. However, that said, United need to think of other options that will still work, moving forward, otherwise they could be left with panic buy options which will not be best for the club and could see United in another Alexis Sanchez predicament at the club, which would mean that the club has not evolved or in fact learned anything from the past seven years.

Here are five other options that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could pursue to actually sign a winger this summer…

Kingsley Coman, 24, Bayern Munich

This Frenchman is probably the best of the five options in terms of bringing in the quality that United need this summer but also a difficult player to sign this summer, especially after Bayern Munich completed their treble, their second in seven years, by beating Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League final on Sunday evening, lifting their sixth title. Bayern also won the Bundesliga and the DFB-Pokal this season. Coman has been linked to United this summer but it might not be viable now.

This season, Coman made a total of 38 appearances for Bayern, scoring eight goals and seven assists. The 24-year-old Frenchman can play on either the left-wing or the right wing, playing 20 times on the right for this club. If Sancho was the first choice for United to bring in this summer, Coman should be number two on the list. However, there would be a difficulty in signing the player. Bayern have signed Leroy Sane already this summer and could also sign Ivan Perisic, who is on loan from Inter Milan with an option to buy. Should this happen, Coman might not see himself playing regular football for his club.

Ousmane Dembele, 23, Barcelona

This Frenchman is a player who has been linked to United already but a player that Barcelona are not willing to sell this summer. The Catalan club paid €105 million for the player from Borussia Dortmund three years ago and after suffering a number if injuries, it was reported that the club would look to get rid of the player. This season, four injury spells have seen the player miss around 40 matches, which is not a great sign. However, there is a chance that his injury hell could be behind him now.

Dembele has made a total of nine apperances for Barcelona this season, scoring one goal and no assists. The player can play on the left-wing and the right-wing, playing five times on the right this season. Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has confirmed that Dembele will not be sold this summer, but if a club was interested enough to place a bid for him, would that change? Barcelona’s 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League has led to a number of changes but some players seem to be untouchable this summer.

Jack Grealish, 24, Aston Villa

The Aston Villa captain is probably the more attainable player in this list so far despite the Birmingham club asking for around £80 million for the player this summer. United will not feel that he is worth that fee though and will need to put in the effort to get a deal done. It is suggested that Grealish would sign for United at the drop of a hat but that is yet to be seen. Before the player says anything, he would need to see a concrete plan for United to bring him to the Old Trafford club.

This season, Grealish made a total of 41 appearances for his club, scoring 10 goals and eight assists in a season which saw Villa avoid relegation on the final day of the season and reach the Carabao Cup final, in which they were beaten by Manchester City. Grealish is a player who will be considered a big fish in a small pond at Villa and would become a small fish in a big pond at United with some suggesting that he would be better placed staying put. That said, the player would learn more being able to play European football, which he will get at United more than at Villa.

Douglas Costa, 29, Juventus

I personally feel that the Brazilian would be a mistake at United. It was suggested that United were interested in signing him last summer with a bid of £54 million suggested, despite nothing seemingly happening and now United could be interested again, although this is newspaper talk rather than anyone of not suggesting that United are in fact interested. The player will be 30 soon and in the twilight of his career. He would want a relatively high wage ad with United suffering after signing Alexis Sanchez, the warning signs are there.

During the 2019/20 season, despite Costa making a total of 29 appearances, he scored just three goals, assisting seven more, which is not the sign of a player that would regain his form at United and be the player that they are missing in the squad. I could be wrong but I can only give my personal opinion on this. United could do much better and because of that, should seek to find much better. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to sign young and hungry players to get the club back on the trail of success, Costa is not young but he might be hungry for success – that might not be enough.

David Brooks, 23, Bournemouth

The Bournemouth winger might be the wild card in the pack here but United have held interest in the player for a while now. Formerly of Manchester City’s academy, Brooks left the club for Sheffield United, which is where he was seen by Bournemouth and signed in the summer of 2018 for £11.5 million. His career has not been the greatest though. In the 2018/19 season, he started off well making 33 appearances for his club, scoring seven goals and five assists. However, an ankle injury that season kept him out for five matches.

Brooks required surgery on his ankle at the end of the season, this kept him out of action for almost a full year. If it was not for the coronavirus pandemic, Brooks would not have played any football during the 2019/20 season. That said though, returning to fitness after the lockdown, Brooks made nine appearances scoring one goal and no assists, playing on the right-wing. The media has suggested that Brooks could be an option if United do not sign Sancho. However, I feel the 23-year-old could become a squad player at United, which might lead to more.

Written by John Walker

Sergio Romero wanted by Chelsea, Everton and Leeds United but player could be used as leverage

Chelsea are reportedly plotting a surprise move for Manchester United number two goalkeeper Sergio Romero. For weeks, months even, it has been known that Frank Lampard is not happy with his number one goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and the English manager has been seeking a replacement with Dean Henderson touted, despite the player being contracted at United for two more years, not to mention the fact he is close to signing a new contract at the club.

The Sun has suggested that Romero, 33, could be seeking an exit of the Old Trafford club this summer, after seeing David De Gea make some costly mistakes and not being given a chance to show what he could do, despite the fact we know that he is one of, if not the best second-choice goalkeeper in the Premier League at this moment in time and has been for most of the five years that he has been at United. It would seem that Henderson is returning to United this summer, despite conflicting reports.

If this happens, the 23-year-old will not be sitting there as the third or even fourth-choice goalkeeper and will be seeking to take on both Romero and De Gea with a view of winning the number one shirt at the club. Romero will not be happy in the fact that he could be the third-choice goalkeeper at the club and recently, he has been linked with Leeds United, who won promotion to the Premier League last season. Now Chelsea and even Everton seem to be interested in the player.

According to ESPN, the potential availability of a player like Romero could see the likes of Chelsea, Everton and even Leeds make a move for the Argentinian who could become the number one goalkeeper at all three clubs, given the chance. It would seem likely that this is not going to happen at United, otherwise it would have happened by now with De Gea’s downfall happening over the last two seasons, if not longer. It is suggested that United would be looking for around £5 million for the goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper initially signed a three-year contract in the summer of 2015 when he arrived at the club as a free agent and signed a four year contract in the summer of 2017, which will expire in the summer of 2021, although United have the option of adding a further year onto that contract. Chelsea have also been linked to Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ten Stegen, which is not going to happen and Ajax’s Andre Onana, plus Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster, formerly of United.

It may not end up being Chelsea who sign Romero, but his availability this summer, if both De Gea and Henderson are to battle for the number one shirt, could lead to an exit. One report in The Sun has linked the Argentinian to Aston Villa with United aiming to use the player, according to the reports, as a sweetener to signing Jack Grealish this summer, which is something that I am taking with a pinch of salt. It could well be that Romero will end his United career this summer and aim for a few years playing as the number one goalkeeper.

Written by John Walker

Manchester United prepared to wait until the end of the transfer window to sign Jack Grealish

Manchester United are reportedly willing to wait late in the summer transfer window before making a move for Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish. The Sun has reported that the 24-year-old still seems to be on United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s radar this summer and it would make sense leaving a possible deal for the attacking midfielder until later in the transfer window, being that it will not close util the 5 October this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Birmingham club will be seeking £80 million for the 24-year-old which is a pretty high price to pay for a player who has yet to see a trophy up close and personal after winning it. It may sound harsh but that is the case with Grealish. It is nothing against him, more against his club who value him too highly. At the end of the day, Villa would fall apart if he left the club so trying to deter a club from purchasing him is probably why they value him as highly as they do.

As United seem to be making a move for Jadon Sancho, not matter what the latest reports say – everything always turns into a goal opera with United, possibly so the media can make as much money as possible by making it seem that a transfer is happening, then isn’t, then is happening again, which gets boring when you see it happen all of the time. Obviously, when strengthening the club, signing the higher profile players first of all would be a better plan.

Then, once the higher profile players have been brought into the club, and Solskjaer has gotten rid of the players that he wants to sell, loan or whatever, from the first team, the space will be there to bring in other players to replace those that have left, such as Grealish, if there is still a need to add players like him at the time. I think he would do a job at United, possibly better to have him than the likes of Jesse Lingard, who has been poor for well over 18 months now.

Grealish will need to understand that there is no guarantee that he would start regularly for United. I am sure he probably will understand as that seems to be the case with players who make the step up to bigger clubs. With United back in the UEFA Champions League next season, even though they were playing in the UEFA Europa League this season, the squad will need to be able to compete in that and the two domestic cup competitions; the Carabao Cup and the Emirates FA Cup.

The Daily Mail suggest that any interest in Grealish this summer will start at £80 million, so that being said in that way would suggest that the figure is just the starting point and that Villa would require more in order to let the player leave. The the likes of Donny van de Beek are available for around half that amount, I am sure that United will be looking around to see what types of players they could bring into the Old Trafford club this summer. I don’t think Grealish is worth £80 million to be honest.

Written by John Walker

Manchester United urged to sign Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish by Ryan Giggs

Former Manchester United academy graduate Ryan Giggs as urged his former teammate, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to sign both Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho and Aston Villa attacking midfielder Jack Grealish this summer. Reports on Monday gave the impression that United and Dortmund were getting closer to an eventual agreement for Sancho to join the Old Trafford club, with Alexis Sanchez seemingly out of the door with Inter Milan close to securing him on a permanent deal, leaving United as a free agent.

Giggs will be hopeful, as a fan of the club, that Solskjaer can get something happening with the club in order to have them challenge the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City to contend for the Premier League title next season. The additions of Sancho and Grealish could help massively with United lacking creativity without Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and the likes of Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford on the pitch. Of course, United will have to strengthen in other areas too.

United could have a brilliant transfer window this summer, despite the coronavirus pandemic which was, at one stage, set to ruin everything. The club has required a stable plan for years and with Solskjaer, they seem to have that, which is a good thing. It is the most positive I have seen things at United since before Sir Alex Ferguson retired at the end of the 2012/13 season, which was also the last time United won the Premier League. Giggs, speaking on YouTube channel Webby and O’Neil, the club legend said:

“[Jadon] Sancho is quick, direct but also an intelligent player. What I like about him is when he gets into them areas with the final ball, he doesn’t panic.

“A lot of quick wide players sometimes do but he picks out the right pass. 

“He’s someone who can counter-attack if we’re going to play that but also if a team are going to sit back, he can beat players and make things happen.”

Imagine a team that can start the likes of Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Sancho and Anthony Martial then having the squad strength to bring on the likes of Grealish, Scott McTominay, Odion Ighalo and others to keep the club in charge of matches but also keeping the players fresh during what will be a long and hard season with the club not just expected to challenge for the Premier League title, but also returning to the UEFA Champions League, which is a tough competition to play in, although better playing on a Tuesday or a Wednesday as opposed to a Thursday, meaning Sunday or Monday matches in the league.

During the 2019/20 season at Dortmund, Sancho played a total of 44 times for the club, scoring 20 goals and 20 assists, offering a goal or assist every 0.90 matches, which is a great stat for a player of his age, 20. If he could carry that sort of form into the Premier League, he will be an important player immediately. Grealish played a total of 41 times for Villa this season, who avoided relegation, scoring 10 goals and eight assists, meaning he was involved in a goalscoring opportunity every 0.44 matches, which is not as good as Sancho but is still a good output. Giggs continued by talking about Grealish, saying:

“I think the thing with Grealish is he’s obviously used to the Premier League and doesn’t need to adapt to it so that’s good.

“For me from the outside, it looks like he’s got the mentality to come to this place and not bother him.

“They (Sancho and Grealish) are two signings that may be available and if we’re able to get them, I would go and get them.”

You can watch the interview with Giggs below;

Written by John Walker

Aston Villa co-owner to demand massive transfer fee for Jack Grealish this summer

Aston Villa co-owner Nassef Sawiris will demand what seems like an extortionate transfer fee for Jack Grealish this summer. Manchester United have been linked with the player since last summer with suggestions that the club would make a move for the attacking midfielder this summer, whether Villa were relegated from the Premier League or not. They managed to survive on the final day fo the season with Watford and Bournemouth joining Norwich City back in the Championship.

It has been stated by The Mirror that the stubborn co-owner of the club will demand United pay £80 million for the 24-year-old, which is a massive fee and one which might not be worth it. However, United being United, if they are still interested in signing the Villa captain, they could try and broker a deal and end up paying the demanded fee months after it was first stated. Unless things have changed at the club, of which I am hopeful for.

Grealish is considering his future after scoring against West Ham United on the final day of the season, only for the home side to equalise minutes later, with the match ending with Villa fraught and not knowing whether their position in the Premier League was safe or not, finding out that Watford were beaten by Arsenal and Bournemouth beat Everton but it was not a big enough victory to force Villa into the bottom three of the table. They celebrated the result, which seemed strange to see.

Grealish is contracted at Villa until the summer of 2023, meaning the club hold the upper hand over a possible transfer this summer. The player will ultimately make up his mind regarding his future, which could mean he continues at the club for another season, seeing if they can change their fortunes or compete in another season-long relegation battle, which could well be the case after this season. Grealish loyally stood by Villa the last time they were relegated and was the stand out player in their promotion back to the Premier League last season.

The player has high hopes for his career – winning silverware, playing in the UEFA Champions League and playing for England. It would seem that the first two were unlikely at Villa and with United seemingly interested in the player this summer, there are no guarantees that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will wait for another season before signing him, needing some strengthening in the squad this summer. If Grealish is a player that is priced out of a move to United, the Old Trafford club will look elsewhere with other players on the market this summer.

That is the risk that both Grealish and Villa will need to take. Personally, I feel an £80 million fee is a bit much for the player, especially in the fact that the coronavirus pandemic will have reduced player’s selling prices this summer and there is no way Grealish is a £100 million plus player. It has been suggested this season that the asking price would still be that high if Villa were relegated, which is laughable. This season, the 24-year-old made a total of 41 appearances, playing in the Premier League and the Carabao Cup, scoring 10 goals and eight assists. This will be up to the player and his club to sort out in the coming weeks. United will decide what to do from there, I guess.

Written by John Walker

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer worried about Jack Grealish’s quality ahead of Aston Villa clash

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is wary of the threat that Aston Villa attacking midfielder Jack Grealish can pose against them in the Premier League clash at Villa Park on Thursday evening. Villa are currently fighting relegation with United aiming to break into the top four of the Premier League to achieve a UEFA Champions League place.

Back in December, United drew 2-2 with Villa at Old Trafford, which was seen as a poor result for United at the time and something that cast doubts on Solskjaer’s position as the manager, not with me but a certain person on fan cams, which many people seem to hate, for good reasons I must add. That said, it was a poor match for the club.

Despote Villa sitting in the relegation places, they should be capable of putting up a fight, which is something Norwich City recently did in the Emirates FA Cup clash, which took United two hours to get the result, just before the penalty shootout became a possibility – Harry Maguire scoring the winner in the 118th minute of the match.

Solskjaer, speaking in his manager’s press conference ahead of the clash with Villa on Thursday evening, talked about the threat of Grealish and his teammates, especially with a few matches left before relegation could be a certainty, not just a threat. Grealish has the talent to succeed and you can see why he has been linked with a move to United. Solskjaer said:

“The last game they caused us some problems, Grealish off the left and El Ghazi on right.

“Grealish scored a fantastic goal, there’s been loads said about him and we need to be aware of him.

“If he’s off the left, middle or right, he attracts players to him but there’s not just one player in that Villa team, there are a lot of them.”

United will need to close a four-point gap with Leicester City to take advantage of a recent slip in form, especially with a 1-1 draw against Arsenal on Tuesday evening. Chelsea seem uncatchable at this present time with Leicester likely to be the team to drop out of the top four, on current form at least. Solskjaer will hope his team can succeed to close the gap, ready for another match on Monday against Southampton.

Manchester City now in the race to sign Jack Grealish at the same time the player is advised to think about Manchester United move

Manchester City have reportedly declared an interest in Aston Villa attacking midfielder Jack Grealish if Bayern Munich end up signing Leroy Sane this summer. United are said to be interested in signing Grealish this summer with reports suggesting that the player would be interested in a move to the Old Trafford club. This could complicate the matter.

United are said to be readying a move for the attacking midfielder as soon as the transfer window opens but have reportedly been quoted £80 million for the player, whether Villa are relegated from the Premier League or not this season. Pep Guardiola, the manager of City, has already described the 24-year-old as ‘one of the best players in the league’.

City will require £50 million from Bayern for them to sign Sane this summer but £35 million is what has reportedly been offered. It makes me wonder whether City could sign Grealish for less than the £80 million that has been quoted for the player this summer. United might need to move quickly, if they are interested in signing Grealish this summer.

Former Liverpool striker John Barnes, who seems to hold a certain bitterness to United, has advised Grealish to think about a move to United this summer. Barnes worries that the 24-year-old will not flourish if he is not considered as one of the important players at the Old Trafford club, which might actually be the case, if United do end up signing him. Barnes said:

“It depends whether he’s going to be a first-team regular at Manchester United, playing every single week and being a main player at Manchester United.

“He’s the main player at Aston Villa and we can all see what he does, if he goes to United where Pogba, Martial, Rashford are the main players, will he have that much of an impact?”

Grealish has not yet played for England manager Gareth Southgate but is tipped to play for his country, when they can play international matches again. Barnes has questions about this and wonders if moving to United would raise his chances of playing for England, as he was tipped to be capped whilst playing for Villa. He said:

“To say that because he’s at Manchester United he’s going to play for England, that’s what he has to prove. He’s the main man at Aston Villa, he does everything and everything comes through him, that’s why he’s got such a big profile and why he plays well.

“If he goes to Manchester United, is he going to take over from Pogba or Fernandes as the main playmaker, probably not. So then just because he’s at Manchester United it doesn’t mean it will help his England chances.

“His England chances are great because he’s playing well at Aston Villa, he has to make that decision and his decision can’t be based on whether it is going to help his England career, his decision has to be based on whether this is going to help his football career because he’ll be at a club in the Champions League or fighting for honours.”

Manchester United tipped to snub Jadon Sancho and sign three players, including Jack Grealish this summer

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been urged to forget signing Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund this summer based on the price the Bundesliga club have put on the player ahead of the summer transfer window which is suggested to be £117 million, which is a lot of money in the current financial climate.

United are, however, considered to be one of the only clubs to be able to spend that amount of the player this summer, if they do actually want him. Tim Sherwood, who captained Blackburn Rovers to winning the Premier League title during the 1994/95 season, believe United would be better investing that money across the entire squad.

There is a common sense approach here but many will mock Sherwood, who did not have the best time as a manager at both Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa. Sherwood has a point – United need a right-winger, but fortifying the defence and the forward line will be money well spent too, despite the fact Odion Ighalo will be at the club for much of next season.

Sherwood feels that United would be better off looking at what the squad needs, trying to match that instead of spending another club record fee on a player that may or may not fit into the squad. Sancho would be a good buy considering his performances in Germany but there is a chance it might not work. Grealish has been linked to the club for a while with Sherwood seemingly opting for him. The former Rovers captain said:

“I look at that squad now and I think they’re two or three players short of challenging for the title.

“I think they need another striker…

“I think they need Jack Grealish, who is a brilliant player to have when teams sit back against them like Tottenham did the other evening.

“He can occupy the tight areas and create something.

“I think they need another centre-back as cover.

“If they can get that and they have the money to go out and buy those sort of players then I think they’ll be real challengers.

“I think [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] done a brilliant building job.”

United could benefit from a new striker, which is something Solskjaer will be looking at, however, the urgency for that is lower now that Odion Ighalo has had his loan spell extended, seeing out the current delayed season, ending his spell at the Old Trafford club at the end of January 2021, which gives United time to find the right player.

Sherwood continued by saying that United have a strong defence but could find an additional central defender useful at the club, this said with the likelihood of Chris Smalling, Marcos Rojo and possibly Phil Jones being sold either in the summer or in in the resulting transfer windows. A new striker, like Harry Kane, says Sherwood, would be good for the club.

“The back five picks itself, there’s a lot of good players in there.

“I think another centre-back would be useful to them and I think they’ll go out and get that.

“In midfield they have a lot of options… if it’s not Scott McTominay it’s Matic, who has two Premier League winners’ medals to his name.

“He has experience of doing that.

“They have exciting players up front with a lot of pace we just need that stick-on No9 Harry Kane type – I’m not trying to sell him don’t worry Daniel [Levy].

“But I believe that if they get that top player and I think they can because it’s Manchester United then I think they have a real chance.”

Sherwood might have a point by Kane would be costly this summer and there are not many strikers who fit his presence on the pitch, which is something that Solskjaer will be keeping an eye on. I would imagine that Solskjaer has done a lot of work during the lockdown, giving him a head start as the transfer window opens. Perhaps United will surprise everyone and pull something out of the bag this summer, which would be good to see. However, we will want and see what happens.

Manchester United told to pay £80 million for Jack Grealish this summer, even if Villa are relegated – reports

Manchester United have allegedly been told that they would still need to pay Aston Villa £80 million to sign Jack Grealish this summer, even if the club is relegated from the Premier League, which is still on the cards following their 0-0 draw with Sheffield United on Wednesday evening. United have been long-term admirers of the 24-year-old.

The Daily Mail has reported that even if relegation happens for the club this summer, the clubs valuation of the player will not be reduced, which seems a strange one considering the player would like to leave the club, seemingly having his head turned by United. Villa now have nine matches to secure their safety in the league, or face problems.

Villa still sit in 19th place in the Premier League and face Chelsea on Sunday in a must-win match, which could well see them with a tough challenge on their hands to escape the bottom three places in the league. Grealish has a contract at Villa which will expire in the summer of 2023, so Villa are in the driving seat regarding a fee.

This season, Grealish has made a total of 32 appearances for Villa this season, playing in the Premier League and the Carabao Cup, with Villa reaching the final, scoring nine goals and eight assists, which is a good rate of goals and assists from the player. United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is seeking more creativity from his squad.

Grealish has been a stand out player for Villa this season and will be a big miss for them next season, whether they are playing in the Premier League or back in the Championship. It was thought that the Birmingham club would cut their asking price for the player if the club was relegated, however, they might just do that, hoping for an early agreement.

United will probably wait until Villa have played their last game, or succumbed to their eventual fate, which could happen a lot sooner. Grealish though, would not want to spend another season in the Championship during what could be the start of the peak of his career, rather playing inn the top-flight possibly with European football.

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