Manchester United prepared to wait until the end of the transfer window to sign Jack Grealish

Manchester United are reportedly willing to wait late in the summer transfer window before making a move for Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish. The Sun has reported that the 24-year-old still seems to be on United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s radar this summer and it would make sense leaving a possible deal for the attacking midfielder until later in the transfer window, being that it will not close util the 5 October this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Birmingham club will be seeking £80 million for the 24-year-old which is a pretty high price to pay for a player who has yet to see a trophy up close and personal after winning it. It may sound harsh but that is the case with Grealish. It is nothing against him, more against his club who value him too highly. At the end of the day, Villa would fall apart if he left the club so trying to deter a club from purchasing him is probably why they value him as highly as they do.

As United seem to be making a move for Jadon Sancho, not matter what the latest reports say – everything always turns into a goal opera with United, possibly so the media can make as much money as possible by making it seem that a transfer is happening, then isn’t, then is happening again, which gets boring when you see it happen all of the time. Obviously, when strengthening the club, signing the higher profile players first of all would be a better plan.

Then, once the higher profile players have been brought into the club, and Solskjaer has gotten rid of the players that he wants to sell, loan or whatever, from the first team, the space will be there to bring in other players to replace those that have left, such as Grealish, if there is still a need to add players like him at the time. I think he would do a job at United, possibly better to have him than the likes of Jesse Lingard, who has been poor for well over 18 months now.

Grealish will need to understand that there is no guarantee that he would start regularly for United. I am sure he probably will understand as that seems to be the case with players who make the step up to bigger clubs. With United back in the UEFA Champions League next season, even though they were playing in the UEFA Europa League this season, the squad will need to be able to compete in that and the two domestic cup competitions; the Carabao Cup and the Emirates FA Cup.

The Daily Mail suggest that any interest in Grealish this summer will start at £80 million, so that being said in that way would suggest that the figure is just the starting point and that Villa would require more in order to let the player leave. The the likes of Donny van de Beek are available for around half that amount, I am sure that United will be looking around to see what types of players they could bring into the Old Trafford club this summer. I don’t think Grealish is worth £80 million to be honest.

Written by John Walker

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