Manchester United are up for sale; the Glazer family need to be shown the door soon – reports

Just hours after Elon Musk jokingly suggested he was buying United, things happen

Manchester United are reportedly up for sale. Not partially, 100% of sale according to reports. Journalist and podcast host Phil Brown has revealed the information that he has, which will be seen as good news for all United supporters.

For years now, supporters have seen the Glazers continue to mistreat the Old Trafford club, seeing the Old Trafford stadium decline with a leaky roof, lack of new paint (which has been done in the last few days) and just a major state of decline at United’s home.

The training ground also needs some work and regarding the state of the club, having stooges of the Glazers running the show, which has been similar to the time Ed Woodward was in charge, which now shows that a Glazer is behind it all, despite a lack of knowledge in football.

Reports on Wednesday had stated that the Glazers were in talks to sell a stake in the Old Trafford club but the information from Malachians says something different. It has to be a sign that the despicable family from Florida are running scared after fan action against them.

For years now supporters have tried to get one over the Glazers from protesting against them, targeting sponsors on social media, which has recently seen Team Viewer suggest that they will not renew their contract with the club after one full season of shirt sponsorship.

You could say that the writing is well and truly on the wall for the Glazer family, who took over the club in 2005 in a leveraged take over, which plunged United into debt, which is still the case for United today. Then you see the money they have taken in dividends.

It would seem that United are just used as a cashpoint for the Glazer family with them not investing into the club but those in the media seem to cover for them saying that over £1 billion has been spent on players which shows the Glazers have been investing.

However, if was not their money to invest, it was the money generated by the club. If you look at other football teams out there, owners have invested in them and helped them improve in that manner. But for United, the Glazers have done nothing but take, take, take.

To see them continue to do that when it is glaringly obvious that the club it going down the pan, is enraging. The writing has been on the wall since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in the summer of 2013 and is even more visible right now. One can only hope that a quick sale happens and we can move on.

Written by John Walker

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