Erik ten Hag agrees to changes as part of Ineos revolution at Manchester United this summer – reports

Ineos will need to restructure the club and changes in role will follow

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has reportedly accepted a change in role at the Old Trafford club after reports of his potential sacking materialised prior to the Emirates FA Cup last month. Journalists reported that Ten Hag would be sacked regardless of the result at Wembley.

It just shows what journalists know about the club and seemed to jump to conclusions as the mere reference to Manchester United in an article will result in loads of clicks, which in this day and age means money and United puts food on the table for lazy journalists who don’t want to be truthful.

It was confirmed on Tuesday evening that Ten Hag will continue as the manager for United for the upcoming 2024/25 season with more reports suggesting that the Dutchman will sign a two-year contract renewal – that is a complete U-Turn if journalists were to be believed three weeks ago.

It has been suggested that the agreement between Ineos and Ten Hag is that recruitment will no longer be something that he is in control of, which has been reported before with the five rules Sir Jim Ratcliffe will impose at the club – which is a good thing at the end of the day.

Ineos were reportedly horrified that Ten Hag had so much control over the recruitment of players an in modern football, changes have been made to clubs whereby the manager is not solely in charge of that aspect – but for United, they seem to have continued the old way, which is outdated.

For a decade now, United have not had a real plan with recruitment and hundreds of millions of pounds have been wasted on players who were not a good fit for the club. That is something that will hopefully change with the minority stake of Ratcliffe and Ineos.

United’s recruitment will be looked at by football men in the hierarchy of the club and the manager will be asked which positions were to be filled in the summer with three options handed to the manager for a choice to be made. No player over 25 or of a ‘Galactico’ profile is to be signed.

This is all positive for United as they need to be signing the right players who want to play for the club and achieve things at the club – not just to fill their bank accounts with millions of pounds and flaunt their lifestyle to those who can only dream of doing such a think. Football over money!

Written by Paul

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