Frenkie de Jong refuses to leave Barcelona – Spanish reports

If this is true, Manchester United have spent the best part of a month on nothing but embarrassment

Manchester United target Frenkie de Jong has reportedly ‘refused to leave Barcelona‘ this summer according to reports in Spain. Cadena SER has stated that the 25-year-old seems uninterested in leaving the Not Camp this summer. Yet United seem to have been doing a deal with someone.

Cadena SER journalist Santi Ovalle has maintained that the Netherlands international would not leave Barcelona thoroughout the majority of the news suggesting otherwise. On the 11 June he tweeted; “Neither De Jong has been told anything about leaving the club nor does he intend to leave.”

This would be a devastating blow for Erik ten Hag and United who has seemingly invested time in trying to conduct a deal with Barcelona for the midfielder. But the positive news reports had to come from somewhere. I could believe that the Glazers are incompetent enough to do this and lie.

This is something that has happened many times at United following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. In the summer of 2013, David Moyes chased Cesc Fabregas throughout the summer, having dialogue with the player.

However, it all fell apart as the Spanish midfielder was recalled to the starting XI in the first match of the season leaving United to panic buy, signing Marouane Fellainim spending more money on him that would have been spent a month prior.

It could well be that this has happened again, granted United have not spent quite as much time on the potential deal, but it could have all fallen apart once again leaving United looking like amateurs in the transfer market, which is so easy to believe.

This is something that will either develop in the coming hours or days or it will end up being nothing. After all this time with positive reports coming out of the clubs, unless it was all lies, there has to be a reason why this negative news would come out today.

There are many games to be played in the transfer market but there are also gullible owners of football clubs who involve themselves in things to gain credit, but end up walking away with any credit that had amassed in tatters.

There is no verification at this time. It is a process that needs to be followed to see what comes of it. It could well be that a deal has been done and some journalists in Spain have continued to spin a line for whatever reason, or it could be the complete opposite – United losing out once again.

Written by John Walker

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